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Resisting Linguistic Imperialism in English Teaching
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ISBN No. : 13: 9780194421546
A Suresh Canagarajah
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Published On : 22/03/2014
Published By : Oxford University Press
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Genre : Adventure

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This book has total eight chapters. It is gold winner (2000). It describes the creative strategic employed by teachers and students in peripherrry communities. It is written to use the English language in a manner that suits their needs and aspirations. Chapter One “Adopting a critical perspective on pedagogy” here the theoretical orientations have been surveyed to see how even common place features of classroom life and every day experience may be charged with ideological implications. The author employed the resistance paradigm reflexively and as an interpreting medium, the author appraised its usefulness for periphery communities and classrooms. Chapter Two “Challenges in researching resistance”, here the author has employed the challenges to the Enlightenment paradigm of knowledge construction in his research. Chapter Three “Resistance to English in Historical Perspective”, here the author described the salient historical and political tendencies in periphery communities which should inform the consideration of micro-level classroom life. Chapter Four “Conflicting Curricula: Interrogating student opposition” here the policy and practice pertaining to the ELT curriculum in periphery classrooms have be considered. Curriculum has been broadly defined. Chapter Five “Competing Pedagogies: Understanding Teacher Opposition”, here the author has employed the three terms to evaluate the modes of pedagogical negotiation displayed by the teachers are procedural, interpersonal and conceptual concerns. Chapter Six. “Clashing Codes. Negotiating classroom Interaction”, here the author mentioned how English co-exists with the vernacular in FSL classrooms in periphery communities. Chapter Seven. “Contrasting Literacies Appropriating Academic Texts” here the author first analyse the philosophical foundations of the existing pedagogical approaches and then observe closely the writing strategies of three periphery students in order to understand the ways in which they cope with their discursive challenges. Chapter Eight. “The politics and pedagogy of appropriating discourses”, here the author first grasp the nature of the challenge confronting learners from periphery backgrounds. The author after the duty explored cautiously how pedagogy can be located in the ongoing struggles of communities for empowerment. In this book, the importance is given to the theme of resisting linguistic in English teaching including classrooms, teachers, students and curriculum but the language may be little tough for vernacular students and teachers therefore making should be given little attention as e-notes.

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Title: Resisting Linguistic Imperialism in English Teaching Author. A Suresh Canagarajah Publisher. Oxford University Press Year: 2010 ISBN: 13: 9780194421546 Pages: 216 Amount: Rs. 410.00

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