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ISBN No. : 9788130900995
Anita Kainthla
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Reviewed By : Vivek M More
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Published On : 25/02/2013
Published By : Viva Publication, New Delhi
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Genre : Adventure

Review :

The present book "BABA AMTE : A Biography by Anita Kainthala is a compendium of 12 articles broadly touching on life and revolutionary work for society by the Baba Amte. The author awesomely narrates the motivational story for the youth of India. The chapter touches thorough the females motivation behind the work, the crisis and development of Anandwan, Ashokwan, and Somnath projects along with the social and freedom movement contributions of BABA Amtes's life. Baba Amte engaged in extremely constructive work for more than three decades, has come to lime light during recants years for his work and started receiving universal acclaim. He has been honored with various national and international awards for his outstanding social and societal re constructional work especially for leprosy patients in remote tribes. This book also contains felicitations, outlooks and picture gallery. The author has the close associations with the family of Baba Amte and the communes of Anandwan. In the first chapter author broadly discusses about the life of Murlidhar Devidas Amte and how he turns as a BABA Amte. Family conditions his education and how his views are changing towards society and how he evokes to do something for society along with the author visit to Anandwan a brief description and story. While writing the second chapter the author describes the women behind the success of Baba Amtes's social contribution. Laxmibai, AAI (mother of Baba Amte) , wife sadhna Amte (Sadhnatai) and a foreign visitor Mother Avarilia Alisas Sister Lila, abouth these three womens contributions is narrated, It gives the imminent pleasure, devotions of their life towards BABA. While writing the journey Law to Labor, author tried how mindset of Baba Amte changed due to the Vinoba Bhave and Mahatma Gandhiji's thoughts. The impact of thoughts changed into revolution for downtrodden and self stem gives him the direction and motivates him to do the work in controversial condition i.e. remarkable. How Indu now Sadhnatai Amte turns to unconventional to conventional that touches to the heart of readers, and create a sensible supportive epicture of Sadhantai. Cahpter 5,6,7,8 and 9 deals with the dream of Baba Amte and and development of Anandwan and other projects successful journey. as per the quotes of Amons Brosen Alcott "Success is sweet and sweeter if long delayed and gotten through many struggles and defeats" this is applicable to the journey of this chapter. how the young Indian helps this project through hard work and Westland turns into wonderland through dream are come true through hard devotions, hard work and strong will power how it can make wonder, see the Anandwan once, the struggles reflects in the land of Anandwan as the real happiness . The author narrates the path and real work of this project how the dream actually turns into reality from Anandwan to Nagepalli. His zeal and vitality made it difficult for him to pause and explain his vision to others. Baba's conviction was firm,"if the world of have -knots is to survive, Gandhiji's path has no alternative solution His zeal and vitality made it difficult for him to pause and explain his vision to others. Baba's conviction was firm, 'If the world of have - knots is to survive, Gandhiji's path has no alternative "Revolution" is not linked to destruction, but to creation."The two greats of 'Sewagram' and 'Shantiniketan', with whom Baba actually implemented the Gandhi's thought in reality. Althoug others have labeled him as the "last true Gandhian". Apart from Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave was the man whose ideals baba adopted and followed. The author tried to shown the impact on mentor in devotion towards the work, purity of hearts Sane Guruji's Literary work has impact on the mind of Baba, that reflected in his behavior, as he become poet, philosopher, writer etc. it has the impact of Sane Guruji. Purity, devotion, love & peace this ethical sense created due to Christen Machinery College & spiritual, scripture of Jesus Christ. Author tried to explain low he has the impact of mentors, how he follows apart from some contradiction in his philosophy of life. Chapter 11 tells us the story of knit India Movement & peace by peace missions create live picture of past time. The Narmada Beckons movement reflects, that the nation's reveres are the cradle of our civilization and that they cannot be strangulated to meet the needs of exploiting class of society. The remaining chapter covers felicitations of Baba Amte at National & International Level, Chronologically. News papers articles are also included in this book, along with some eventful photographs. This Photograph has helps to reader the virtue of books towards reality. The Anita Kajnthala as an author and person gets really involved with Baba Amte's family. Her own experiences and the reality cover the boom of knowledge about Baba Amte. Writer as female she covers the feminism in his book i.e. really appreciated. And get the ideal person behind the man i.e. mother (Aai) and sadhanatai Amte. By covering the mentor is really focused on the over the philosophy of Baba Amte, from this we came the relations between these families. It is reality peadingm toward the life and works of Baba Amte and a boom of knowledge to live a life in controversial conditions for youngsters and also for all who is the creator of nation in future.

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Kainthala, Anita (Ed.),BABA AMTE : A Biography, Viva Publication, New Delhi,192pp.Rs.395 (ISBN : 978-81-309-0099-5)

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